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  1. Masterforce Boost Delivers the Next Level of Cordless Tool Performance The Masterforce Boost Oscillating Multi-Tool delivers ramped up power and speed with less vibration thanks to major upgrades. Boost technology brings Masterforce into the advanced cordless tool world and we tested it against the best cordless models to see how well this budget-friendly design performs. […]

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  2. Skil 360° Green Cross Line Laser Level Delivers Outstanding Value If your to-do list of installation projects is getting out of hand and the price of a premium professional cross line laser is out of reach, there’s good news. There’s a Skil 360° green cross line laser and tripod package that offers professional features with a very […]

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  3. Deal Alert! Acme Tools is putting on a Milwaukee Flash Sale where you can save up to $75 online. $15 Off purchase of $199 or more $30 Off purchase of $299 or more $75 Off purchase of $599 or more Just enter Promo Code: Red21

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  4. What size generator do I need? The very fact that you’re asking the question means you’re off to a good start! Generators vary in size from 1800-watt units all the way to whole-house generators capable of producing 20,000 watts or more. Since the prices vary widely, it can be a challenge to get what you […]

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  5. GearWrench Unleashes Pitbull Pliers on the Trades Auto mechanics and tradesmen prize the best pliers that can grip, turn, and cut well. However, it isn’t often that we get all three at once. The Gearwrench PitBull Pliers look like a pretty compelling option. Not only do they seem to grip, turn, and cut well, but […]

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  6. So you’re about to show up on the jobsite for your very first day of work. Maybe you’re young and the construction industry is completely new to you or maybe you’re coming in from a different trade. Suddenly it hits you—I don’t want to look like a total newbie on my first day! So what […]

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  7. We’ve covered quite a few ISOtunes earphones throughout the years. They include many corded and cordless in-ear headphones that specialize in reducing ambient noise for those working in landscaping and/or construction. More recently, the company introduced several Bluetooth earphones that let you stream audio wirelessly while working safely. Most of their models also follow OSHA […]

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  8. DeWalt Next-Gen Mowers Deliver High Voltage Cutting Next-generation DeWalt 20V Cordless Lawn Mower models are coming. Like any next-gen model, the lineup shows some marked improvements in several key areas. In this case, DeWalt has tweaked the old design for more power, as well as some multifunctionality in how you manage your clippings. Both the […]

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  9. Here at Pro Tool Reviews, we cover new products in the outdoor power equipment industry (OPE). With cordless technology driving major OPE manufacturers towards battery, it’s a natural fit. However, we never expected the industry to grow to quite the size that it has. Back in 2016, we started the OPE Reviews website. If you haven’t […]

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  10. It’s about 95 percent likely that you used a device with a lithium-ion battery before you got dressed this morning. Maybe it was even more than one device: a watch, a toothbrush, a laptop or tablet, and almost certainly your smartphone. Even your car might use lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion technology powers a mind-boggling amount of stuff […]

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