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  1. Framing can be tough work, but like any other job, having the right tools helps. But how to go about settling on that “right” tool? With so many varieties on the market, we can struggle to figure out which model suits our needs best. That’s why we grabbed both pneumatic and cordless models from a […]

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  2. When you need big air, you make the switch to gas on the job site or 230V in a shop. Available from Northern Tool, the Northstar Compressor line offers the power you’ll need to cover your stationery shop needs. Is it Right for Your Shop? Whether or not this Northstar compressor is right for your […]

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  3. Being in compliance with OSHA’s rules for silica dust exposure has multiple layers to it – Table 1, Objective Data, and Scheduled Air Monitoring. No matter which direction your job takes you, it’s a combination of dust extraction, tools, and accessories that make or break your compliance. Bosch concrete accessories cover a wide range of […]

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  4. The Craftsman Launch event is going on right now in Baltimore. Last night, we had the chance to see a glimpse at what the brand is going to be all about under the Stanley Black & Decker umbrella. At first glance, it looks like they’re going to let Craftsman be the brand many of us […]

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  5. We’re smack in the middle of the summer, which means that you’re likely seeing your power bills spike. Air conditioning plays a major role in the uptick of energy consumption, but it’s not the only offender. We know of a few less-obvious players in the energy consumption game, and by changing some habits and making […]

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  6. In the last Klein Tools Backpack review, Johnny Sanders explained the nuances of electricians’ tool bag needs. He does rough-in and trim-out electrical work exclusively, so he requires a large tool bag for all the tools he needs at his disposal. With respect to the tool bag Johnny was reviewing, another co-worker asked, “what would I […]

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  7. As we move towards the dog days of summer, those pressure washing projects your clients have lined up for you need to get done. Somewhere in the space between big, cumbersome high-power and entry-level gas models sits the Simpson pressure washer, model PS4240. Honda GX Engine Performance As part of their Powershot line, this Simpson pressure […]

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  8. The new Senco FinishPro 16XP hopes to get your attention by tackling two sources of frustration – power and misfires. As always, the question is whether there’s a substantial change in the current model or if it’s just hype. Senco (now Kyocera Senco) is using what they call EX-Clear. This stamped spring latch system has […]

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  9. LED job site lighting hasn’t been around all that long, but it’s taking over the industry as halogen lights find themselves getting the pink slip. Milwaukee has a huge focus on this sector with a line that covers everything from personal lighting to stand lights and even bay lights. The Milwaukee Radius Compact LED Site Light […]

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  10. DeWalt is taking another crack at a cordless framing nailer. The new DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Framing Nailer features a 21° magazine instead of the 30° on their current model. This model drops the maximum nail length to 3-1/4″ but lets you go with a thicker 0.148″ nail diameter. Weight actually increases slightly and the […]

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