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  1. OPE Reviews is reporting that EGO has a commercial line of battery-powered outdoor power equipment in the works. EGO Commercial lawn care is a sector that the brand has intentionally stayed away from for a while, insisting that their target market is the homeowner. They’ve accomplished the task by making some of the best battery-powered […]

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  2. While winterizing is largely a lawn care concern, we have plenty of gas equipment on the job site as well. For those tools that take a break for winter, here’s one way you can winterize your equipment against fuel issues that come up due to ethanol. Winterize Your Equipment Step By Step Step 1: Fill […]

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  3. I’m an HVAC Pro in Central Florida, so my phone rings off the hook from April through early October. The heat’s been relentless this summer but on the upside, I’m thankful that it means a lot more work for me. Make hay while the sun is shining, as the saying goes. Today, I’ve set aside […]

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  4. The Milwaukee PackOut Modular Storage System is a new attachment system that allows boxes, organizers, and totes of multiple sizes and configurations to easily stack and lock together. Through an intuitive and quick attachment mechanism, the user is allowed the freedom to stack and lock the various PackOut tool boxes, organizers, and totes into any […]

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  5. One of our favorite concrete accessories is Bosch’s HDC200. It’s an adapter for your dust extractor to collect concrete dust as it exits the hole when you’re using a rotary hammer. The fact that it works with anyone’s rotary hammers and bits means we don’t have to carry a bunch of tool-specific collection devices. The […]

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  6. With names like Fein, Bosch, and Makita to compete with, you don’t expect to find the Kobalt 24V Max Oscillating Multi-Tool at the top of the cordless heap. But that’s the surprising result we got in our shootout when we compiled all the data. So just how did this Lowe’s brand engineer such an impressive […]

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  7. Ryobi has one of the deepest lines of cordless power tools in the biz, and it just seems to keep getting deeper. Their 2018 product line is now beginning to launch, which should sound like good news to anyone already on the One+ battery platform. For those of you who aren’t yet, these new Ryobi […]

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  8. The mechanics of an angle grinder seem pretty simple: your angle grinder, controlled either by trigger or switch, spins a disc at an incredible rate of speed for the express purpose of sanding, grinding, or cutting. It’s actually a pretty versatile tool. But with so much versatility at your disposal, the learning curve might be […]

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  9. Bostitch entered two models into our Framing Nailer Shootout back in July. One was their pneumatic F21PL2 that impressed us with an overall 5th place finish. This model, the BCF30PTM1 Bostich cordless framing nailer, does away with the hoses in favor of a 20V Max battery pack. But can this cordless edition hang with the solid performance […]

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  10. We know that at least a few of our readers have shops that run all sorts of heavy equipment regularly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system in place that would alert you to potential maintenance issues in your equipment before they actually break down? After all, predictive and preventative maintenance costs a whole […]

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