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  1. Using certain kind of tools earns you a level of credibility that makes people part like the Red Sea and give you the best seat in the bar. A plasma cutter is one of those tools. If you’re in the market for a new one, consider if the Powermax 45 XP Hypertherm Plasma Cutter has […]

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  2. Working is important, but man, you gotta eat too! At the very least, you’ll need some cold drinks on a hot day. All those drive-thru meals you scarf down on the way from one job to another? Well, apparently, they aren’t that great for you. Who knew? Fortunately, you don’t have to drink lukewarm sodas or […]

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  3. It might be easy to forget about pneumatic tools as battery power attempts to eclipse all other forms. After all, isn’t it nice to be untethered from an air hose? Sure it is. But keep in mind that pneumatic tools have a few advantages over batteries. Namely, better power-to-weight ratios, lower costs, less maintenance, and […]

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  4. The new Ridgid Octane Reciprocating Saw advances Ridgid’s offering in this class on several levels and is still technically part of the Gen5X line of cordless tools. One of the biggest changes is the “Octane” designation this saw is getting. You may have caught wind that several manufacturers have new 18V batteries able to deliver […]

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  5. Temporary site lights are a necessary part of many construction projects and buildings. Once properly configured, they install easily, and often we find contractors billing them to the job. Until a few years ago, HID remained the primary option for these low bay and high bay lights. These High Energy Discharge lights put out enough light […]

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  6. It’s not good to get mixed up on the job, that is, unless you’re grout, mortar, mud, or paint. In fact, in these cases, failure to get good and mixed up makes for some shoddy results. Getting a good mix is important, and there are a number of manufacturers that make tools to help us […]

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  7. Bosch Power Tools unveiled its Bosch CORE18V battery at the 2017 World of Concrete. Ten high-density Bosch CORE18V cells are welded and rail-connected to deliver what Bosch claims is 80% more power, longer runtime, and better heat transfer with updated CoolPack technology over previous generation Bosch batteries. The Bosch CORE18V battery is 100 percent compatible […]

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  8. A dust extractor is just a dust extractor – the only difference is in CFM and water lift, right? That’s an oversimplification in this day and age of OSHA silica dust compliance. Add in features like automatic tool activation and HEPA compatibility and you’ll still fall short of what a Festool vacuum can do for […]

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  9. Plumbing contractors have a few options when it comes to pipefitting: using solder, using a threader, or using a pro press. All of these options can get the job done, but the cost of each particular option will definitely factor into which direction the plumber chooses to proceed with. Well, today I’ve elected to use […]

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  10. Editor’s Note: This review was originally published on April 7, 2015, and has been updated to reflect the results of our recent Best Oscillating Tool Shootout. In a nutshell, when put up against other corded and cordless multitools on the market, the Ryobi Job Plus finished: 6th in cutting speed for cordless models 7th in […]

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