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  1. Recently, Hitachi announced the release of the newest editions to their cordless nailer lineup, the NR1890DR 18V Plastic Strip Framing Nailer and the NR1890DC 18V Paper Strip Framing Nailer. Hitachi has a great reputation in the world of pneumatic nailers, which is being carried on into their line of cordless nailers. They’ve already won a […]

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  2. Each year, those lucky enough to live near Lebanon, Indiana get the chance to come over and buy refurbished Festool tools at prices well under retail. It’s a huge event for Pros and Shop Tool Reviews Director, Tim Johnson was there to cover it along with Shop Tool Reviews Chief Designer and Owner, Jon Bucklew. […]

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  3. When Hurricane Irma came through Central Florida, we ended up directly in the path as it shifted from East coast strike to West coast strike and finally settled in by coming through Lakeland. As we persevered through the storm and will be cleaning up for quite some time, we’ve compiled a list of the tools […]

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  4. Porter-Cable recently unveiled a new saw in their lineup, a 10″ miter saw that – get this – makes full-size cuts, but also folds over on itself. Through an innovative folding head design, the Porter-Cable Folding Miter Saw folds up for more compact storage and transportation. With an additional list of features to support it, […]

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  5. For those of you happen to be in the market for a new heat gun, Milwaukee Tool has some good news for you.  Recently announced, and available in October, the Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun will be the first cordless 18V heat gun solution on the market. Milwaukee claims that not only will their cordless heat gun […]

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  6. Back in 1922, Raymond DeWalt developed the radial arm saw as a powered circular saw that could slide for cutting larger stock. It wasn’t until the 1970s that we got the rotating table and the miter saw as we know it really began to take shape. When I first saw the Festool HK 55 Carpentry […]

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  7. Echo’s first foray into the cordless OPE world wasn’t bad, but it’s blower was kind of like the weird kid in the group with a strange design and okay performance. The Echo 58V Cordless Blower Version 2 gets a much sleeker jet fan design and a performance boost. It’s maturing and is beginning to look […]

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  8. The Southwire BendDolly Conduit Bending Platform extends the Southwire line of conduit bending options even further, this time with a lightweight solution. Designed to work by itself, or in conjunction with the company’s pre-existing BendStation, this Chicago-style bender utilizes interchangeable bending shoe heads to accommodate various conduit sizes and materials. Portable and Customizable Bending Through […]

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  9. Ridgid recently released their new line of concrete and masonry equipment. Available since August, the line of new Ridgid Concrete and Masonry tools includes London Brick trowels, pointing trowels, margin trowels, stainless steel finishing trowels, blue steel pool trowels, magnesium and aluminum floats, a zinc groover, and a blue steel edger. All of the new models […]

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  10. When a major storm hits, like Hurricane Irma just did in our area, widespread power outages are a given. The time it takes to get people back up varies from a few hours to a couple of weeks or more in some areas. Everyone wants to know when they’ll get power back, but how power […]

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