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  1. Linemen and electricians know that there’s a limit to what you can do with hand crimpers. Hydraulics help, but the Milwaukee M18 750 MCM Crimper takes things to a whole new level of convenience as a battery-powered solution. We teamed up with G&G Electrical out of Lakeland, FL to put the tool in the hands […]

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  2. In our article what to look for on a table saw, we told you that the table saw is the cornerstone tool of both the jobsite and shop. It makes the big cuts that are either difficult or impossible with other tools while offering table top support and guidance for the material. But if the table saw’s components aren’t aligned, your cuts won’t be […]

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  3. The latest Hitachi 18V brushless reciprocating saw is making its way to a retailer near you. If you remember our cordless reciprocating saw shootout from last year, you’ll also recall that Hitachi’s model didn’t perform as well as we’d hoped. Over the last year or so, we’ve seen remarkable improvement in Hitachi cordless line. There’s […]

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  4. Hitachi MultiVolt tools are coming this September with a focus on improving cordless tool power on their new 36V system. To understand the direction Hitachi is taking, it’s helpful to understand their philosophy on the cordless tool side. It’s all about portability first and being able to cut the cord second. 18V gets you the […]

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  5. The Hitachi MultiVolt battery pack is coming and DeWalt will no longer be alone with their FlexVolt system. There are some similarities along with significant differences. And of course, there are the tools to go along with it. Hitachi MultiVolt Battery Pack The pack contains ten 21700 lithium-ion cells giving the battery 144 watt hours […]

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  6. A utility knife is a utility knife, right? Just grab the cheapest pack you can find at your local hardware store, use it for a week, throw it away, and repeat the process. So why should I spend more on an OLFA utility knife like the XH-AL? Is it worth handing over the extra coin? […]

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  7. Need another space-saving option for all your cable cutting, stripping, and deburring applications? The Klein All-Purpose Electrician’s Scissors might fit the bill as one of your go-to multi-use tools. It has a host of features to work through. As always, we’ll take a look at how well they work compared to their dedicated counterparts and […]

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  8. We’ve been talking a lot about levels around here lately; box levels, digital levels, torpedo levels, pocket levels…it’s been quite the ride. Well, the fun isn’t over quite yet, because this week, we’re looking at the em95.10 Empire Level LED Torpedo Level. If you like the idea of 10″ of sleek, durable aluminum, coupled with […]

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  9. There are a handful of tools that should be filed under the heading, “tools everyone should own.” A hammer, a drill, a level, screwdrivers, a tape measure, a few rolls of duct and electrical tape, etc. Add to that list a few items for electricians and DIYers that are packaged together and available exclusively from […]

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  10. DeWalt is bringing much more function to the Tool Connect lineup with the introduction of several connected tools to go along with their Bluetooth batteries, tracking tag, and Bluetooth adapter. The DeWalt Tool Connect Hammer Drill is spending some quality time with us currently. We’re ready to break down what this tool is capable of […]

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